Adidas F50 X-ITE MINI

Adidas F50 X-LITE MINI
Adidas F50 X-LITE MINI
  • Adidas F50 X-ITE MINI
  • Adidas F50 X-ITE MINI
  • Adidas F50 X-ITE MINI
  • Adidas F50 X-ITE MINI
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Adidas F50 X-ITE MINI

Work on your skills with the Adidas F50 X-ITE Mini soccer ball. This machine-stitched nylon and TPU ball offers great touch for control in your soccer drills. It’s designed for soft touch and high durability and a butyl bladder provides excellent air retention. Whether you’re working on your skills or you want your kids to work on theirs, this ball is an excellent choice.


  • Miniature: size 1
  • F50 Panel Shape for optimal shape and an impressive look
  • Butyl bladder for supreme air retention
  • Machine stitched, Nylon-wound carcass/TPU for soft touch and impressive durability
  • Made out of 100% thermoplastic polyurethane

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