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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star



The Converse Non-Skid is the great grandfather of today's modern Chuck, initially born in 1910. In 1919, the Non-Skid was renamed the All Star. A few years later, Chuck Taylor, a young Converse sales rep, begins traveling across the USA, hosting basketball clinics to promote and wear the All Star religiously. Just before the first-ever Olympic basketball Championship, Converse adds Chuck Taylor's name to the All Star, giving birth to the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star. That game gave rise to the iconic red and blue striped high-top Chuck that's revered today. You'd think the Chuck would stop there with quite a history under its belt, but it doesn't. Chucks become the unofficial training shoe of the US Armed Forces, and the official playing shoe for professional basketball players when the NBA is formed. By 1955, Chucks are the #1 basketball shoe in America, and low-top sneakers make their debut in 1957, which gains enormous popularity. Fast forward to 2020, and we're still seeing new renditions of the Chuck Taylor All Star with the Madison, High Street, Slip, and Lift. Back then, Chucks were for athletes, but today it's a lifestyle sneaker. You can find a Chuck Taylor All Star for every family member. From crib booties to classic colors, you'll find a Chuck for every personality and every style. Find yours now.