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Backpacks are built for adventures like hiking through the city, camping with friends, or going to and from school. Because you never know where you will end up, you should prepare for any and all occasions. The trusted JanSport Right Pack backpacks feature an extra layer of support at the bottom, so you can carry more without tearing out the bottom of your bag. If you're into making statements with your bags, Vans always comes through with checkerboard and other trendy prints that'll improve any outfit ASAP. Maybe you're into activities that just involve you and your essentials. If so, check out our waist pack selection so you can move through the world actively without the bulk of a backpack. Lastly, we can't forget our sporty friends; you all need a versatile bag that can move with you. Nike, Jordan, and adidas offer an excellent selection for carrying your training gear comfortably. Wherever you find yourself this year, make sure you have a backpack (or 2) on deck.