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Estevan Oriol's signature logo on the Lugz Strutt limited-edition boot.

Lugz x Estevan Oriol Limited-Edition Strutt Boots

Lugz x Estevan Oriol Limited-Edition Strutt Boots

Elevate your style with a touch of street-inspired artistry with this limited-edition Lugz x Estevan Oriol Strutt boot.

Estevan Oriol laces up his exclusive limited-edition Lugz Strutt boots.

Lugz x Estevan Oriol Strutt Boots

The Strutt Boot by Lugz is a classic look on its' own, but with Estevan's artistic eye, it's a must-cop for born-and-raised Angelenos. This classic boot is one you can wear anywhere and everywhere while still representing Los Angeles.

This exclusive limited-edition Lugz Strutt Boot features a Black/Steal matte finish complemented by a striking Grey/Cream sole and contrast stitching. Other notable design features include a paisley-toned collar liner and Estevan's captivating "This Is Los Angeles" artwork thoughtfully placed on the sock liner. Estevan Oriol's signature logo on the rear counter rounds out the boot and makes it extraordinary.

Zoomed in shot of heel counter with Estevan Oriol's iconic signature.

Complete with specially designed custom packaging, this exceptional collaboration truly captures the heart and sole of Los Angeles.

Estevan Oriol: The Man Behind The Camera

Known for his iconic cultural photography, Estevan Oriol has built a reputation as one of the most influential artists out of Los Angeles, California, capturing LA street style proudly and authentically. Oriol is well-known among the Los Angeles community and is best known for photographing the iconic "LA Fingers" image on display in many locations.

LA Fingers by Estevan Oriol
Rascal by Estevan Oriol

Starting his career as a tour manager for groups like Cypress Hill, Oriol was able to establish a name for himself by photographing famous athletes, rappers, musicians, and actors, which gave him the recognition to showcase his art in prestigious galleries and museums, a privilege not many Chicano artists can say they've had. His work has also been featured in popular magazines like Rolling Stone and Complex, and he's worked with footwear brands like Jordan, adidas, Nike, Vans, and now, Lugz.

Estevan Oriol poses in front of train tracks with his camera in hand.

Oriol's art and photography have led a movement, putting Chicano culture and Los Angeles urban culture on the map, humanizing the people who live and breathe this lifestyle.

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