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Vendor Compliance Guide


Dear Vendor,

Thank you for being a valued business partner of WSS/Eurostar, Inc. We have now enjoyed 34 years of being in business in this industry and look forward to many more years to come.

Enclosed in this document is our updated Vendor Compliance Guide. It should contain answers to all your questions about shipping merchandise to WSS/Eurostar, Inc. There have been several recent updates to our corporate and billing address, approved carrier list, and a new distribution center location.

The information contained in this guide supersedes all previous Vendor Compliance Guides and instructions. All instructions and expectations must be fully complied with. Failure to do so can result in chargebacks. Please review the information provided in this guide and follow it carefully.

Please address any questions that you may have with our VP of Distribution or our Chief Merchant prior to shipment.

Thank you for your continued partnership and best regards.

Eurostar, Inc. / WSS
879 W 190th St., Suite 1200
Gardena CA 90248
(310) 715-9300


This Eurostar, Inc. d/b/a "WSS" Vendor Compliance Guide contains instructions for packing, shipping, vendor returns, chargebacks and quality auditing guidelines for all merchandise shipments to the WSS Distribution Center. It is important that all guidelines outlined in this Vendor Compliance Guide are followed in order to expedite the processing of merchandise, help prevent delay in payment, and facilitate the return of merchandise to the vendor.

WSS may update this Vendor Compliance Guide at any time. The most current copy of this guide can always be found at

By accepting any Purchase Order from WSS, a vendor agrees to be bound by the terms of this Vendor Compliance Guide, including any updates.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with you. If you should have any questions concerning this Vendor Compliance Guide, please email us at or call the WSS Distribution Center Monday through Friday 7:00am to 3:30pm Pacific Standard Time at 310-715-9300 ext 1006.


Please contact the people below if you have questions, concerns or issues.

Issue Contact Contact Information
PO Terms and Conditions
PO Style Changes
PO Date Changes
PO Price Differences
Appropriate Buyer
Appropriate Buyer
Appropriate Buyer
Appropriate Buyer
Invoices Accounts Payable
(310) 808-2423
PO Routing Routing Department
(310) 715-9300 ext 1006
Traffic Traffic Department
(310) 715-9300 ext 1006
Chargebacks DC
(310) 400-8197
General VP of Distribution
(310) 715-9300
General Chief Merchant
(310) 715-9300

General Information

WSS buyers are exclusive buyers for WSS. By accepting any Purchase Order (“PO”) a vendor (“Vendor”) agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions in the Vendor Compliance Guide, which includes any supplements and amendments to the Vendor Compliance Guide. The agreement between WSS and Vendor will be limited to the terms of the Vendor Compliance Guide and the PO. The agreement may only be modified or amended in writing, signed by a WSS buyer or Divisional Merchandise Manager (“DMM”) or the Chief Merchant. Any demand by the Vendor for different terms, or any statement made by Vendor attempting to condition acceptance of this order on such demand, shall be of no effect. In the event that any term of the Vendor Compliance Guide is determined by a court to be enforceable, that term shall be modified so as to comply with the law and as modified, shall be enforced. Any determination of unenforceability as to any term, or subsequent of that term, shall not affect the enforceability of the balance of the Vendor Compliance Guide.

1. Our standard payable terms are net 60. Terms of the payment are from receipt of invoice or goods, whichever is later.

2. We reserve the right to refuse and return, at the risk and expense of Vendor, all goods or any part thereof shipped under a PO which were for:

  • a. Merchandise that does not duplicate the same shown to the buyer and does not satisfy WSS standards of quality and fit.
  • b. Merchandise that is not shipped in compliance with a PO.
  • c. Merchandise that does not comply with the Vendor Compliance Guide specifications (including but not limited to fit, size, style, fabric, construction, design, or color specifications).
  • d. PO's shipped before the “Start Ship” or after the “In-House Cancel” dates without the buyer’s approval.
  • e. Partial shipments that are shipped without a WSS buyer’s written approval.
  • f. Merchandise received damaged or with defects.
  • g. All backorders that were shipped without a WSS buyer’s written approval.

3. WSS reserves the right to cancel a PO in whole or part in the event of strikes, flood, and earthquake, or any casualty which affects any part of all of our premises or other causes beyond our control except financial inability.

4. WSS reserves the right to chargeback or deduct against Vendor’s invoice all freight charges resulting from shipment by means other than specified on a PO or in this guide and/or for any loss resulting from improper packaging. In addition to any other remedies at law or equity, Vendor authorizes WSS to deduct or offset any amounts owed by Vendor, under this PO or otherwise, against any amounts owed to Vendor, under a PO or otherwise.

5. In the event a petition in bankruptcy shall be filed by or against Vendor or in the case of insolvency or if a receiver shall be appointed or in the assignment is made for the benefit of creditors, WSS may at its option cancel this order as to any undelivered portion of the Merchandise.

6. For the purpose of this order “In-House Cancel” means the date by which all goods must be received at the WSS Distribution Center pursuant to an appointment scheduled by a common carrier and WSS Receiving Department.

7. Any goods not shipped according to the terms of the PO or Vendor Compliance Guide will remain the property of the Vendor, subject to return at Vendor’s expense, until the goods are delivered in accordance with such terms and instructions.

8. Any Vendor covenants, warrants and represents, as follows:
  • a. All merchandise sold to WSS shall be merchantable and compliant with the laws of delivery to WSS and at its time of sale by WSS to customers and shall be fit and safe at such times for the ordinary purposes for which it is intended to be used.
  • b. All merchandise sold to WSS shall conform, and shall be manufactured and processed in compliance with, the lead and other metal content requirements and standards required by law.
  • c. Vendor shall comply with all applicable laws, including the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act “FLSA” which regulates employment matters including the payment of wages to its employees and labor conditions at its workplace. WSS reserves the right to request certification of compliance with the FLSA and may withhold payment of an invoice until receipt of requested certification.
  • d. Goods shall not be produced with the use of convict or forced labor, child labor, or any other manner inconsistent with the laws of the country of manufacture. All goods shall be produced in facilities that afford workers a safe and healthy work environment and in compliance with all the occupational health and safety and environmental facilities used in the production of merchandise covered by a PO. Vendor specifically agrees that it will inform WSS of the identity of any subcontractors which it engages in connection with the PO and shall arrange, at WSS request, for the inspection of the subcontractors’ factories and other facilities.
  • e. Vendor is a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship duly organized, validity existing and in good standing under the laws of the state of its incorporation or formation. Vendor has all necessary corporate power and authority to execute, deliver and perform its obligations under the PO and has the right and title to the merchandise.
  • f. A PO constitutes the valid and legal binding obligation of Vendor, enforceable against the Vendor in accordance with the terms of this Vendor Compliance Guide.
  • g. The goods provided by Vendor are merchantable, but Vendor disclaims any other express or implied warranties beyond Vendor’s description of product.

9. Vendor further covenants, warrants, and represents that all merchandise as sold to WSS does not and will not infringe any patent, trademark, trade name, copyright, publicity or private right, or other statutory or common law intellectual property right, and Vendor agrees to defend, indemnify and hold WSS and the respective affiliates and agents harmless from and against any and all third party claims, suits, liabilities, damages, cost and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) asserted against or incurred by WSS by reason of any actual or alleged infringements of any such intellectual property rights.

10. Vendor agrees to indemnity and hold WSS harmless from and against any and all claims and related liability for loss, damages, judgments, fines, penalties and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and the cost of settlement which WSS, or any agent of WSS, may agree to) arising in any way out of WSS purchase or resale of merchandise as purchased from Vendor and use of the merchandise by any person, including claims related to or alleging:
  • a. Infringement of any patent, design, trademark, trade dress, copyright, publicity or privacy right or other statutory or common law intellectual property right resulting from WSS purchase, use, display, advertising or resale of any of the merchandise;
  • b. Death or injury to person(s) or damage to property alleged to result from use of merchandise;
  • c. Failure of the merchandise to comply with advertised specifications or with the express or implied warranties of a Vendor applicable to the merchandise (or any claim of such a failure);
  • d. Violation by the merchandise, or method of manufacture, sale, packaging or labeling thereof, of any law, statue, ordinance or administrative order, rule or regulation;
  • e. Facts that would constitute Vendor’s breach of any of its covenants, warranties, representations or obligations hereunder;
  • f. Any demand or claim by an authorized assignee or transferee of the benefit of a contract with WSS;

Vendor also agrees, at WSS option and request, to immediately assume the handling and defense of any claim, allegation, suit, or action covered by the Vendor Compliance Guide and to furnish a surety bond sufficient to WSS interests in any case where WSS may deem the adequate insurance coverage does not exist. Without waiving any of its rights, WSS specifically reserves the right to participate in the handling, adjustment or settlement, defense of any such claim. If any claim is made or asserted against WSS by reason of any of the foregoing, Vendor agrees that in addition to other rights, WSS shall have the right forthwith to cancel any undelivered portion of the contract and to return all prior shipments relating to the contract to Vendor for refund.

WSS agrees to indemnify and hold Vendor harmless from and against and all claims and related liability for losses, damages, judgments, fines, penalties and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and the cost of any settlement which Vendor or any agent of Vendor may agree) arising in any way out of WSS gross negligence or willful misconduct in connection with the purchase or resale of merchandise from Vendor. WSS will not be liable for Vendor anticipated profits, incidental or consequential damages or penalties of any kind.

11. Trademark Protection & Confidentiality: WSS is the owner of trademarks and trade names of certain private label brands, collectively “WSS Brands”, a list of which appears below. WSS Brands are for use exclusively on goods sold by Vendor to WSS, and Vendor agrees to use WSS Brands exclusively on goods sold by WSS. In addition, any information contained in or related to a PO is strictly confidential between Vendor and WSS, and violation of the provision shall be default of the terms of the Vendor Compliance Guide. WSS Brands are:
  • a. WSS
  • b. WSS Athletic (apparel)
  • c. Eurostar
  • d. Leor
  • e. Celia
  • f. Dyln Wave

12. A PO will be constructed under the laws of the State of California without reference to the conflicts of laws principles. WSS and Vendor agree to bring any lawsuit or other legal proceeding in the federal or state courts in Los Angeles County, California and not to challenge or object to venue in such courts. Vendor and WSS agree that service of process may be affected by certified mail, return receipt requested or in any manner authorized by the rules of the court in which the lawsuit or other proceeding is instituted.

13. If Vendor is manufacturing private label merchandise for WSS under a PO, Vendor:
  • a. When this is an agreement of exclusivity on a style, artwork or design element of an item, these shall remain the exclusive property of WSS and all copyright and other rights in and to the same shall be owned by WSS. In such circumstances, Vendor shall not appropriate or otherwise utilize the same without the prior written consent of WSS.
  • b. All the WSS Brands marks must be removed before selling any excess-manufactured, damaged or returned merchandise.

14. Neither party can assign the rights or obligations of a PO without the prior written consent of the other party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, either party may assign its rights or obligations of a PO or this Vendor Compliance Guide to an affiliate without the other party’s consent, if advanced written notice of the transfer is provided.

Invoice Requirements

1. Originals of all invoices should be mailed in a hard copy form to the attention of the Accounts Payable department:

Eurostar Inc. / WSS
Attn. Accounts Payable
879 W 190th St. Suite 1200
Gardena CA. 90248
2. Dating will be calculated based on the receipt of goods or invoice whichever is later.

3. PO number must appear on all invoices.

4. Issue a separate invoice for each packing slip in a shipment.

5. Every invoice and packing slip should have the corresponding WSS PO number clearly indicated.

EDI Requirements

WSS is committed to the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for submitting Purchase Orders. WSS requires all Vendors to have EDI capabilities that include the ability to receive the 850 Purchase Order transaction set. Vendors new to WSS will have a 180-day development grace period (if needed). To coordinate EDI efforts, please contact the WSS buyer.

Retail Tracking

The following ticketing information is required on all merchandise:
• Vendor’s suggested retail price
• Size
• Color
• Vendor’s product name
• Vendor’s color name
• Vendor’s UPC barcode
For shoe boxes, all information should be printed on the front of the shoe box. For apparel and accessories with hangtags, this information should be printed on one same side. For merchandise with other packaging, this material should be printed on the merchandise wrapping that is visible to the consumer.

Shipping Guidelines

The following guidelines must be adhered to when shipping merchandise to the WSS Distribution Center.

1. All Purchase Orders have to be approved by WSS before shipping to the WSS DC. Vendor must follow the Routing Instructions found within this guide.

2. WSS will not be liable for payment for merchandise that is not shipped in accordance with WSS Purchase Order “PO” and the directives found in this guide. Vendor is expected to comply with all terms and conditions of the WSS PO as well as the guidelines outlined in this Vendor Compliance Guide. Failure to do so may subject Vendor to chargebacks.

3. Once the Vendor has scheduled an appointment with a common carrier, if the shipment is not ready upon arrival of the carrier, Vendor may be subject to a return trip chargeback fee. Vendor must call and cancel or reschedule an appointment at least 4 hours prior to the pick-up time to avoid possible return trip charges.

4. If a shipment is not sent via a common carrier, the delivering party must contact WSS Traffic department to request a delivery appointment.

5. WSS has the right to refuse a shipment that is tendered to a common carrier before the “Start Ship” or after the “In-House Cancel” dates specified on the PO. Vendors who utilize their own truck or a prepaid carrier must deliver after the “Start Ship” or prior to the “In House Cancel” date. Please allow for transit time as well as possible delays in acquiring an appointment for delivery.

6. All shipments must be complete. WSS reserves the right to refuse unauthorized incomplete shipments of a PO, along with any backorders resulting from a previous partial shipment.

7. Approvals of style, color, size substitutions are to be requested in writing and must be approved by the appropriate WSS buyer. The packing list which reflects these substitutions must be affixed to the lead carton of the shipment.

8. All footwear products are to be shipped in appropriate boxes, not bagged, unless approved by WSS buyer.

9. Incomplete shipments, changes and/or modifications to a PO must be approved in writing by the appropriate WSS buyer prior to tending a load to a carrier.

10. All backorder freight charges, on late shipments for which WSS did not authorize an extension on, or PO’s that were partially shipped, are the responsibility of the Vendor.

11. Only one PO number per packing slip is acceptable. Do not combine multiple PO’s on the same packing slip.

12. All loads must be built by PO. Where pallets are used, the pallets must be labeled with a minimum 8.5”x11” placard with a minimum of 1” text indicating the PO number and carton count. Smaller PO’s can be combined on the same pallet as long as there is a placard for each PO on the pallet. Any standard vendor format for this information is acceptable as long as the PO number and carton count are included.

13. Vendor must ship merchandise so that only one size/color is present in each carton. Vendor must not combine multiple sizes into one carton or multiple colors into one carton. If Vendor does combine colors and/or sizes, WSS reserves the right to issue a chargeback for this violation.

14. Do not attach or include the invoice with the shipment.

15. A valid WSS PO number must appear on the packing list.

16. Place all packing lists for the same PO in an envelope marked “Packing List Enclosed” and affix to the lead carton or carton number one of the related shipment.

17. Only one “Ship To” and “Ship From” address may appear on the outside of the carton(s).

18. Packing list must indicate unit quantity per style, color and size.

19. The maximum carton weight is 50 lbs.

20. Maximum carton dimensions are 42” L x 27” W x 30” H.

Bill of Lading

1. A bill of lading cannot be used as packing list.

2. The bill of lading must indicate consignee address and shipment origin address, name of carrier, PO number, quantity of cartons per PO and total shipment weight.

3. Multiple PO’s shipping to WSS on the same day can be combined on one bill of lading.

4. A copy of the packing list or shipment manifest must be attached to the bill of lading.

General Transportation Requirements

Designate all merchandise shipments to go to our Distribution Center at the following address:

Eurostar, inc. / WSS
11600 Alameda Street
Lynwood CA 90262

Full Truckload Shipments

1. All Collect Truckload shipments are required to be floor loaded.

  • a. Floor loaded means that cartons are placed directly on the floor, not on a pallet.
  • b. Do not load on pallets unless instructed to do so by the WSS DC.

2. All Prepaid Truckload shipments may be palletized using the shipper’s discretion.

3. Ship all merchandise with the heaviest cartons on the bottom and the lightest cartons on the top.

Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipments

1. All LTL shipments, Collect or Prepaid, must be palletized.

  • a. Pallet height should be built to 96 inches.
  • b. Shipments must not contain mixed PO’s on a single pallet except where grouping does not fill an entire pallet.

2. Carton(s) must be grouped by PO number and the outside of the carton(s) must be marked accordingly.

3. All LTL shipments must arrive fully intact. The Vendor should instruct the LTL carrier on the Bill of Lading not to split the shipment during transit.

4. A packing list per PO must be on the outside of the lead carton or carton number one of each individual shipment.

Small Shipments

If WSS requests Vendor to ship via a small parcel common carrier (FedEx and/or UPS), the vendor must forward PO numbers and tracking numbers to the WSS Traffic Department via email within one business day. Failure to do so may result in a chargeback of all freight costs.

Authorized Carriers

CH Robinson
10845 Griffith Park Dr. 2nd Floor
Las Vegas NV 89135
Tel. (702) 691-9909
Fax. (702) 691-3395
Total Quality Logistics
4289 Ivy Pointe Bvd.
Cincinnati, OH
Tel. (513) 831-2600 ex 53629
Fax. (513) 688-6433
Pacific Logistics Corporation (PLC)
8363 Metro DR,
Olive Branch, MS 38644
Tel. (866) 436-4910
Fax. (562) 479-4862
Anytime Trucking
6211 Sierra Ave. #1389
Fontana, CA 92336
Tel. (909) 936-3953
Fax. (909) 899-5809

Routing Instructions

Before routing instructions can be provided, Vendor must submit a Routing Request Form via email to containing the following information:
• PO number
• Vendor style number
• Weight
• Number of cartons
• Total units

The routing request form can be accessed via the link below:
Routing Request Form

Please note that all quantities must be actual or note “estimate” when requesting routing.

It is essential that all information provided be accurate and complete. Any delays resulting from inaccurate information provided may result in chargebacks.

Once a PO Routing Request becomes approved, WSS Traffic department will notify Vendor via email within 24 hours as to which carrier to use and to confirm pick up, date/time.

If merchandise is not available for pick up after arrival of carrier, any detention, and trailer not used, or any other related charges may be charged back to the Vendor. Vendors must notify assigned carrier immediately if merchandise will not be available at the scheduled pick up appointment date or time.

If the Vendor chooses to use a carrier other than those specified by WSS and does not have written authorization from WSS, the WSS Traffic department may charge back the costs.

There is no freight allowance for duties, taxes, customs, and other fees.

There is no reimbursement for invoiced freight charges.

Quality Auditing Guidelines

WSS has a Quality Auditing system to ensure that our customers continually get a quality product free of defect, poor workmanship or color shading problems. Generally, within 30 days of receipt, WSS will inspect each PO as indicated below, and will accept no more than 1% damaged or defective merchandise per order. If the merchandise fails the Quality Control audit by the WSS Distribution Center and/or buyer, the merchandise will be impounded in the WSS DC and payment will not be made to Vendor. WSS reserves the right to return any goods to Vendor, without payment, if the goods do not meet the Quality Auditing standards.

All merchandise received in our Distribution Center will be inspected as follows:

Style Inspection
1. Confirm correct style/color has been shipped as per approved sample.
2. Overall shape and apperance as per approved sample.

Fabric Quality Inspection
1. Fabric construction and weight must be as approved sample or swatch.
2. No fabric defects such as holes, tears or snags.
3. No dye discoloration, streaks or fading.

Fit Approval Inspection
The Quality Auditing department and/or the buyer will inspect all fits and specifications.
1. For merchandise being made to WSS specifications, every measurement is expected to come in within tolerance.
2. For Men's and Junior’s product tolerance is 1/2" for measurements with a 1" grade, and 1/4" for measurements with a 1/2" grade.
3. For Boy’s and Girl’s product, tolerance is 3/8" for measurements with a 1" grade, and 1/4" for measurements with a 1/2" grade.
Any merchandise that is not approved will be sent to the WSS Return department and payment will not be made to Vendor.

Button/Button holes and Zippers
1. Buttons must be securely attached and aligned correctly.
2. Button holes must be clean cut.
3. Zippers must slide evenly. No puckering.

Label/Ticket Inspection (where applicable)
1. Confirm correct label and size tag has been used and has been properly positioned on the garment.
2. Confirm correct price ticket (style, color, size) has been used.

T.O.P. Top of Production (where applicable)
1. The respective WSS buyer will note all styles that will require a T.O.P.
2. T.O.P. samples must be sent to the appropriate buyer within four (4) weeks of the WSS "Start Ship" date on the PO.

Vendor Returns

New Merchandise

WSS reserves the right to return merchandise to a Vendor at their expense for reasons outlined below:

1. Merchandise that does not duplicate the sample shown to the buyer and/or does not satisfy WSS standards of quality.
2. Merchandise that is not shipped in compliance with the PO.
3. Styles, sizes and or colors that are substituted without written approval from the buyer.
4. PO's that are shipped before the “Start Ship" or after the "In-House Cancel" dates without written approval from the buyer.
5. Merchandise received with manufacturer with defects in fit, fabric or coloring.
6. All backorders that were shipped without written approval from buyer.

Should it become necessary to return merchandise, WSS will send a request for return authorization to the Vendor which will include the PO information, quantity and reason for the return. If the Vendor indicates that the merchandise is to be sent back to their facility, the Vendor must supply a Return Authorization “RA” number and instructions for return. This RA must be received within 5 calendar days from the date of notification or the merchandise may be donated to a charitable organization of WSS choice, unless Vendor has made other arrangements with WSS in advance. The cost of goods will be deducted from the Vendor's next invoice.

WSS will charge back an amount equivalent to the inbound and outbound freight charges plus a handling fee of $0.25 per unit (minimum $2 charge) for all merchandise that the Vendor requests to their facility. All foreign (import) receipts of defective items will be returned to Vendor for refund at full landed cost, including duty and freight at the Vendor's expense.

If the Vendor does not want the merchandise sent back to their facility, WSS will donate it and chargeback the cost of goods plus the handing fee noted above and the inbound freight amount.

Damaged or Defective Merchandise

WSS reserves the right to return for credit any damaged or defective merchandise within one year of receipt of the merchandise, unless Vendor and WSS have pre-agreed to a Defective Allowance, in which case WSS will dispose of this merchandise.

WSS will notify Vendor of damaged or defective product on hand and the Vendor will have 5 business days to respond to WSS Returns department with a Return to Vendor (RTV) number and instructions. If no response from Vendor is received within 5 business days, merchandise may be donated to a charitable organization or destroyed, and the cost of goods will be deducted from the Vendor's next invoice.

If Vendor requests damaged or defective product be returned to their facility, product cost as well as outbound freight charges and handling fees of $.25 per unit (minimum $2 charge) will be deducted from the next Vendor invoice.

Carton Packing

Merchandise must be shipped to the WSS Distribution Center in the following way:

1. Merchandise must be packed with one style/color/size per carton. Vendor cannot combine multiple sizes, colors or styles into the same carton. Failure to do so will result in charge backs.

2. If Vendor only ships by prepacks or musical runs, WSS buyers must approve before PO can be shipped.

3. Cartons will be clearly marked with PO number, style, quantity, and size on every carton.

4. All cartons shipped must be free of moisture, mold and dirt.

Chargeback Policy

The purpose of chargebacks is not to create revenue for WSS, but to recover operating expenses incurred for correcting Vendor shipments that do not conform to this Vendor Compliance Guide. This policy creates a means of feedback, ensures cost recovery, and supports the goals of the Company.

WSS will notify vendors via e-mail at the time of documentation when a chargeback is issued.

To ensure proper receipt of chargeback notifications, please forward any and all vendor personnel contact information to the WSS DC. Be sure to include the following:
• Name of Contact
• Title
• E-mail Address

Non-Compliance Issue:
Packing Errors Chargeback Expense
Failure to attach packing list to lead or last carton in series $50 per occurence
Multiple styles, colors and/or sizes packed into a carton $25 per carton in error
Style/Color/Size substitutions' not previously authorized by WSS buyer $25 per carton in error
Carton/Case Content Labeling Errors Chargeback Expense
Printed carton marks missing/incomplete/incorrect or not legible $5 per carton
Cartons intended for another retailer $25 per carton
Merchandise Ticketing Error Chargeback Expense
Incorrect/Damaged UPC Label $150 plus $.25 per unit
Missing UPC Label $150 plus $.25 per unit
Missing retail pricing tickets $150 plus $.25 per unit
UPC labels palced incorrectly $150 plus $.25 per unit
Transportation Routing Errors Chargeback Expense
Merchandise routed without Company approval $500 per PO
Failure to follow routing instructions $500 per PO
Less than 90% of PO shipped, unless authorized by the buyer, (allowable variance is +/-2% of PO's written quantity by style, color and/or size) $150 per Style or subject for cancellation
Duplicate wshipments per PO $50 per PO
Merchandise received after the PO's cancel date, unless authorized to ship per buyer $50 per PO or subject for cancellation
Routing request size breakdown needs to match what is received in the DC $100 per style
Cartons shipped to incorrect location $300 per shipment
Arrival of shipment without appointment or failure to request routing $500 per shipment
Missing / Incorrect information on the Bill of Lading $300 per shipment
Failure to provide tracking numbers for small parcel shipments $50 per occurence
Overage of units originally requested $150 per occurence plus $25 per carton
Return trip fee for shipment pick up $75 per occurence
Unapproved split PO shipment $300 per PO
Returns Chargeback Expense
Processing Fee Vendor Returns Inbound and outbound freight costs including duty fees if applicable plus $.25 per unit (Min $2)
Damage/Defective Goods Chargeback Expense
(Vendor Caused) Processing Fee Outbound freight costs plus handling fee of .25 per unit (Min $2)